This is how Monto works

Stop the overconsumption

Lower your consumption by renting what you need on Monto. Use the search bar or the categories to find the desired item. Filter via distance and find the products that are closest to you.

Sustainable development goals
Monto smartphone app

Rent whatever you need

Have you found an item you want to rent? In the calendar, you can see availability, quantity and any discounts on rental items.

Collection and return

When the owner accepts your booking request, you can chat with eachother and agree on collection and return. In the event that the booking request is rejected, you will also be notified.

Communication in Monto
Payment in Monto


You pay the owner the total rental sum when you are handed over the rented object. You choose the payment method between yourselfs.

Rate your experience

Remember to give the owner a rating after the end of the rental! Your rating is important to other renters.

Rating in Monto

It has never been easier

Download Monto, create a user and help make the world greener. Easily create a private or business user and browse through rental items near you, or find items you dont use everyday and put them up for rent on Monto and earn money.