Monto helps people share things

- and care for our planet

A need arises

Back in 2019, I needed an impact drill for a small job, and I thought it was a great investment for my short-term need. There had to be an alternative to buying one.

The fact is that an impact drill is used for an average of 13 minutes in its lifetime - and there are over 100,000 of them in Copenhagen alone.

We need to change that!

Pernille from Monto
Save the planet

Our mission

Montos mission is to help people share things. Nobody likes to spend money when not needed.

Yet, we spend a lot of money to satisfy our short-term needs, and the shopping-heavy consumer culture has become an accepted part of our everyday life.

Rent goods, gear and gadgets

Let's reactivate the all the dead things that are sitting in basements, garages, in the attic and in cupboards. Roof box, sewing machine, outdoor gear, garden tools, kitchen equipment, party supplies, etc.

The bigger our community is, the more we enjoy things.

Monto is a digital rental platform where you can rent out things you don't use everyday, as well as rent things from others.
Sharing is not a new phenomenon, but digital communication provides greater reach and thus more impact.

Monto is created with an ambitious sustainable agenda. We organize items that are not used every day and make them accessible to everyone. We want better use of resources, save money and giving the possibility of extra earnings for individuals and companies.

When you rent instead of buying, you contribute to a sustainable use of resources and take care of the planet.